All About Grannies

★ All About Grannies Lyrics:

Guess what grannies are for!
They read you great stories and play on the floor.
They tickle and hug you ’till you scream for more,
That’s what grannies are for!

Guess what grannies can do!
They zip up your jacket and lace up your shoe,
They take you to movies and trips to the zoo,
That’s what grannies can do!

Guess what grannies are like!
They patch up your knee when you fall off the bike,
They put down their knitting and go for a hike,
That’s what grannies are like!

Guess what all grannies know!
That cookies and candy will sure make you grow,
They sometimes say “yes” when your mommy says “no”,
That’s what all grannies know!

Guess what all grannies feel!
A love that is constant, a love that is real,
A love that is tender, a love full of zeal,
That’s what all grannies feel!

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