A Little Lamb Went Straying

★ A Little Lamb Went Straying  Lyrics :

A little lamb went straying
Among the hills one day,
And left its faithful shepherd
Because it loved to stray;
And while the sun shone brightly,
It knew no thought of fear,
For flowers around were blooming
And fragrant was the air.But night came over quickly,
The hollow breezes blew –
The sun soon ceased its shining,
All dark and dismal grew;
The little lamb stood bleating,
As well indeed it might,
So far from home and shepherd,
And on so dark a night.

But ah! the faithful shepherd,
Soon missed the little thing,
And onward went to seek it,
Safe home again to bring:
He sought on hill, in valley,
And called it by its name –
He sought, nor ceased his seeking,
Until he found his lamb.

His strong arms gently lifted
The lamb against his breast,
And as he bore it homeward
He fondly it caressed;
The little lamb was happy
To find itself secure;
And happy, too, the shepherd,
Because his lamb he bore.

And won’t you love the Shepherd,
So gentle and so kind,
Who came in brightest glory
His lambs on earth to find!
To make them, oh, so happy,
Rejoicing in His love,
Till every lamb be gathered
Safe in His home above.

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