Timothy Trundle

★ Timothy Trundle Story :

Oh! Timothy Trundle was bouncingly fat, As round as a robin was he; The jolliest babe ever sat on a mat To frolic and gurgle with glee! His father who tossed him now up and now down, Called him “Timothy Trundle of Topplety Town.”

When Timothy Trundle grew up to be “Tim”, A rotund, jolly chunk of a lad, The hoop that he played with looked slim, beside him, Such a sphere of a shape as he had; And folks on the street lost all signs of a frown, To see Timothy Trundle of Topplety Town.

Once Timothy Trundle went out for a slide, He dragged up the sled with a will; But as he pushed off on his ride, o’er the side He rolled, and then rolled down the hill;– A snowball, like Heidelberg’s fun of renown, Buried Timothy Trundle of Topplety Town.

Of Timothy Trundle, the youth like an O, For years I had never a trace Till I went to a circus, and lo! in the show I found his full-moon of a face. A troup of trick tumblers performed, and the clown Was Timothy Trundle of Topplety Town!

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