The Poor Soldier

★ The Poor Soldier Story:

Children form a half-circle, first choosing one of their number to represent the poor soldier. The chief regulation is that none of the players may use the words, yes, no, black, white, or gray. The poor soldier traverses the semicircle, thus addressing each player,–

Here’s a poor soldier come to town! Have you aught to give him?

The answer must of course be evasive, else there is a fine. He continues, “Have you a pair of trousers [or old coat, shoes, cap, &c.] to give me?” The answer must again be evasive, or else another forfeit. The old soldier then asks: “Well, what colour is it?” The reply must avoid the forbidden colours, or another forfeit is the penalty.

Great ingenuity may be exhibited in the manner in which the questions and answers are constructed, and, in the hands of some children, this is a most amusing recreation. The forfeits are of course cried at the end of the game.

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