The Lion,The Wolf,And The Fox

★ The Lion,The Wolf,And The Fox  Story :

An old, sick Lion was lying in his den. All the animals came to see the king, but the Fox kept away. So the Wolf was glad of the chance, and began to slander the Fox before the Lion.

“She does not esteem you in the least,” he said, “she has not come once to see the king.”

The Fox happened to run by as he was saying these words. She heard what the Wolf had said, and thought:

“Wait, Wolf, I will get my revenge on you.”

So the Lion began to roar at the Fox, but she said:

“Do not have me killed, but let me say a word! I did not come to see you because I had no time. And I had no time because I ran over the whole world to ask the doctors for a remedy for you. I have just got it, and so I have come to see you.”

The Lion said:

“What is the remedy?”

“It is this: if you flay a live Wolf, and put his warm hide on you–”

When the Lion stretched out the Wolf, the Fox laughed, and said:

“That’s it, my friend: masters ought to be led to do good, not evil.”

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