The Frog’s Fiasco

★ The Frog’s Fiasco Story :

There was once a Frog In a lonesome Bog With a voice that was well worth praising. He had one song and it used to go Way down in the added lines below Like this: [Symbol: music] which is quite amazing.

So he said one day In a casual way “Although it is scarcely vital And I may be wrong, it appears to me That a frog with a voice like mine should be First class in a Song Recital.”

So he posted sheets In the village streets With the date and the price: one shilling; And he billed himself “Signor” because He thought he would get immense applause By the aid of a little frilling.

Well, it came about That his friends turned out From the Crane to the Curious Cricket, With the Hare and the Hedgehog, Coon and Fox, And the Critical Owl in a private box, (On a Complimentary Ticket.)

When the clock struck eight Signor Frog in state Thus opened the exhibition: “For my first attempt on the concert-stump I shall render a song that is called ‘Ger-rump.’ An original composition.”

Then the Critical Owl With a guttural growl, Or a noise which was something near it, Stood up and observed: “All summer long From dusk till day you have sung that song– And why should we pay to hear it?”

So they all marched out In a regular rout, With remarks most decidedly chilling, And every one, as he passed the stand Where the Muskrat kept all the cash in hand, Demanded and got his shilling!

And the luckless Frog, In the lonesome Bog, Relapsed into deep dejection; As he broods alone on his dismal case And sings all night in a booming bass, “Ger-rump” is his one selection.

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