The Cautious Cat

★ The Cautious Cat Story :

A Cautious Cat And a Reckless Rat Went to sea with an Innocent Lamb. They sailed in a yawl With nothing at all To eat but a Sugar-cured Ham. The wind blew high In a sky-blue sky, At a rate they had never foreseen. The wind blew low, And the wind also Blew a little bit in between– Just a little bit in between.

Said the Cautious Cat To the Reckless Rat, Likewise to the Innocent Lamb: “We’ll tack this smack And sail right back To send a Mar-coni-o-gram. For the winds might blow Both high and low And I wouldn’t care a Lima Bean, But I never can sail When the ocean gale Blows a little bit in between– Just a little bit in between.

“Of course with me You will never agree,” Said the Cat to the Rat and the Lamb, “But if you balk You will have to walk,– That’s the kind of kitten I am!” So they sailed right back On the larboard tack To the nearest port of call, And the Reckless Rat Let it go at that, While the Lamb said nothing at all– Said nothing–whatever–at all.

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