Stories Of Arabian Heroes

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★ Stories Of Arabian Heroes  Story :

Hi, my name is Louloua, but everybody calls me Lulu. I am 4 years old and I am here to introduce you to my world. Here, in the hot Arabic desert, we were playing, running and having fun, just like everybody else out there.

One day, everything changed. One, very powerful earthquake opened the dungeon of a very evil sorcerer that lived with his crows and wasn‘t meant to see the light of day. From then on, he sends his crows all over the world to eat our food and do all the bad deeds you can imagine. It is a good thing that our family has an unlimited supply of jelly to shoot from our pots so we can bravely fight the evil crows to save the planet. Until now, we have received help from our friends, the white crows. In our fights, they bring us coins and supplies to help us in upgrading with new accessories and make us stronger.

We travel the worlds that are about to be destroyed. Although, we fight hard, we need more people to join us. We won‘t stand for long!

You can make a difference. If you choose to join our fight, you will save lives and have a little fun along the way. Prove yourself worthy and save the planet from the crows and the evil sorcerer now!

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