Past History

★ Past History Story :

a A was once an apple-pie, Pidy, Widy, Tidy, Pidy, Nice insidy, Apple-pie!

b B was once a little bear, Beary, Wary, Hairy, Beary, Take cary, Little bear!

c C was once a little cake, Caky, Baky, Maky, Caky, Taky caky, Little cake!

d D was once a little doll, Dolly, Molly, Polly, Nolly, Nursy dolly, Little doll!

e E was once a little eel, Eely, Weely, Peely, Eely, Twirly, tweely, Little eel!

f F was once a little fish, Fishy, Wishy, Squishy, Fishy, In a dishy, Little fish!

g G was once a little goose, Goosey, Moosy, Boosey, Goosey, Waddly-woosy, Little goose!

h H was once a little hen, Henny, Chenny, Tenny, Henny, Eggsy-any, Little hen?

i I was once a bottle of ink, Inky, Dinky, Thinky, Inky, Black minky, Bottle of ink!

j J was once a jar of jam, Jammy, Mammy, Clammy, Jammy, Sweety, swammy, Jar of jam!

k K was once a little kite, Kity, Whity, Flighty, Kity, Out of sighty, Little kite!

l L was once a little lark, Larky, Marky, Harky, Larky, In the parky, Little lark!

m M was once a little mouse, Mousy, Bousy, Sousy, Mousy, In the housy, Little mouse!

n N was once a little needle, Needly, Tweedly, Threedly, Needly, Wisky, wheedly, Little needle!

o O was once a little owl, Owly, Prowly, Howly, Owly, Browny fowly, Little owl!

p P was once a little pump, Pumpy, Slumpy, Flumpy, Pumpy, Dumpy, thumpy, Little pump!

q Q was once a little quail, Quaily, Faily, Daily, Quaily, Stumpy-taily, Little quail!

r R was once a little rose, Rosy, Posy, Nosy, Rosy, Blows-y, grows-y, Little rose!

s S was once a little shrimp, Shrimpy, Nimpy, Flimpy, Shrimpy, Jumpy, jimpy, Little shrimp!

t T was once a little thrush, Thrushy, Hushy, Bushy, Thrushy, Flitty, flushy, Little thrush!

u U was once a little urn, Urny, Burny, Turny, Urny, Bubbly, burny, Little urn!

v V was once a little vine, Viny, Winy, Twiny, Viny, Twisty-twiny, Little vine!

w W was once a whale, Whaly, Scaly, Shaly, Whaly, Tumbly-taily, Mighty whale!

x X was once a great king Xerxes, Xerxy, Perxy, Turxy, Xerxy, Linxy, lurxy, Great King Xerxes!

y Y was once a little yew Yewdy, Fewdy, Crudy, Yewdy, Growdy, grewdy, Little yew!

z Z was once a piece of zinc, Tinky, Winky, Blinky, Tinky, Tinkly minky, Piece of zinc!

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