Miscellaneous Puerile Amusements

★ Miscellaneous Puerile Amusements Story  :

I went to the sea, And saw twentee Geese all in a row: My glove I would give Full of gold, if my wife Was as white as those.

These lines are to be repeated rapidly and correctly, inserting the word cother after every word, under pain of a forfeit.

It’s time, I believe, For us to get leave: The little dog says It isn’t, it is; it ’tisnt, it is, &c.

Said by a schoolboy, who places his book between his knees. His two forefingers are then placed together, and the breadth of each is measured alternately along the length of the book. The time to get leave (to be dismissed) is supposed to have arrived or not according as one finger or the other fills up the last space.

A duck and a drake, And a white penny cake. It’s time to go home, It isn’t, it is, &c.

So going on with the fingers one over the other along the edge of a book or desk, till the last finger determines the question.

Put your finger in foxy’s hole, Foxy is not at home: Foxy is at the back door, Picking of a bone.

Holding the fist in such a way that if a child puts its finger in, you can secure it, still leaving the hole at top open.

Jack’s alive and in very good health, If he dies in your hand you must look to yourself.

Played with a stick, one end burnt red-hot: it is passed round a circle from one to the other, the one who passes it saying this, and the one whose hand it goes out in paying a forfeit.

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