Counting The Fingers

★ Counting The Fingers  Story :

This is the thumb, you see; This finger shakes the tree; And then this finger comes up; And this one eats the plums up; This little one, says he, “I’ll tell of you, you’ll see!”

That one is the thumb; And this one wants a plum; This one says, “Where do they grow?” This one says, “Come with me–I know.” But this little one, he says, “I will not go near the place! I don’t like such naughty ways.”

Now, I think that through and through Little Finger’s right–don’t you?

This one fell in the water, And this one helped him ashore, And this one put him into bed, And this one covered him o’er; And then, in walks this noisy little chap, And wakes him up once more.

This one walked out into the wood, And caught a little hare; And this one took and carried it home, For he thought it dainty fare; And this one came and cooked it up With sauces rich and rare; And this one laid the table out, And did the plates prepare; And this little fellow the keeper told What the others were doing there.

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