Child Health Alphabet

★ Child Health Alphabet Story :

A is for Apples and also for Air; Children need both and we have them to spare.

B is for Butter spread thick on Brown Bread, Also for Baths before Breakfast or Bed.

C is for Cereals and Cocoa too; Consider the Calories coming to You.

D is for Dates, the kind that You eat, Deliciously sweet and far cheaper than Meat.

E is the Excellent Edible Egg, One daily at least, dear Children, we beg.

F is for Fruits, whether fresh, dried or stewed; Dried, at the Grocer’s, you’ll buy them, if shrewd.

G is for Gaining, as every Child could, A half pound a Month is the least that he should.

H is for Height, be as tall as you can, Weight up to Height makes a healthy strong Man.

I is for Iron in Spinach and Eggs, Builds Red Blood and Sinews for strong Arms and Legs.

J is for Jam and also for Joy, Which spread on his Bread it brings to a Boy.

K is for Kitchen so spick and so span, We all like our Food from a shining clean Pan.

L is for Luncheon served hot in the School; We wish all the Teachers could follow this Rule.

M is for Milk which makes Muscle and Bone; One pint a day would be best till you’re grown.

N is for News of habits you need, To grow up so healthy you’re bound to succeed.

O is for Oatmeal, the finest of Food; With Milk for your Breakfast there’s nothing so good.

P is for Prunes, Potatoes and Peas, And Patriots who will be glad to eat these.

Q is for Quiet, we frequently need; After Meals don’t run at the top of your speed.

R is for Rest and Round Rosy Faces; Rest is a thing which nothing replaces.

S is important and therefore I hope You’ll pardon my specially mentioning Soap.

T is a Topic which Trouble begins; Both Tea and Coffee for Children are Sins.

U Understanding the best way to live, United for Service our Country to give.

V is for Vegetables; if you’re too slim, These Victuals are full of Vigor and Vim.

W is for Water, the best thing to drink Between Meals as often as ever we think.

X is for Xtras of Soup or of Milk For a thin little Girl till she’s finer than Silk.

Y is for You, and I tell you the Truth, Learn to be Healthy and Strong in your Youth.

Now march for it, Children, with Drum and with Fife. Z is the Zest which Health gives to Life.

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