Yankee Doodle

yankee doodle

‚ėÖ Yankee Doodle History: Yankee¬†Doodle¬†is¬†a¬†well known¬†American¬†rhyme,¬†dating¬†back¬†to¬†before¬†the¬†Seven¬†Years’¬†War¬†and¬†even¬†the¬†American¬†Revolution.¬†The lyrics and tune are marked in the Roud Folk Song Index under the number …

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Humpty Dumpty

humpty dumpty

‚ėÖ Humpty Dumpty Lyrics: Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.All the king’s horsesAnd all the …

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Teddy Bear

teddy bear

Video Copyright Dave and Ava All rights reserved. ¬† ‚ėÖ¬†Teddy Bear Lyrics: Teddy bear, teddy bear,Turn around.Teddy bear, teddy bear,Touch …

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ABC Song

abc song

‚ėÖ ABC Song History: One of the most popular songs from everyone‚Äôs childhood and one of the most popular here …

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