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Goldilocks and Little Bear

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Goldilocks and Little Bear Game :

Nosy Crow’s interactive books have long been among our favourite ways to spend child-centered time on the iPad, and its latest is no exception. Goldilocks And Little Bear, which follows the likes of Cinderella and Snow White on to the digital shelves, is a gorgeous thing: beautifully drawn and animated, with no end of lovely details for curious eyes and fingers to discover.

The story is just as special: yes, you’ve heard it before, but Nosy Crow manages to make it sound modern and natural without being gimmicky and naff. It’s also fully interactive; though the very young (or lazy) can just sit and listen as the story is read to them, they’ll get more enjoyment by dragging and swiping around the pages, helping Goldie to clear up the mess she’s made and the bears to eat their porridge. And as they get older, they can read the whole thing for themselves.

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